Difference between sxt and rt

Difference between sxt and rt

Are you curious about the difference between SXT and RT Dodge Chargers? You’re not alone! Many car enthusiasts and potential buyers often ponder this very question. In this guide, we’re going to simplify it for you.

🚗 SXT vs RT at a Glance:

  • Starting Price: SXT begins at $31,125, RT at $38,125.
  • Engine Power: SXT boasts 292 HP, while the RT ramps it up to 370 HP.
  • Fuel Economy: SXT offers 19 City / 30 Hwy MPG, and RT gives 16 City / 25 Hwy MPG.
  • Interior Tech: SXT has a 7” Uconnect display, RT steps up with 8.4”.
  • Safety Ratings: Both models come with a 5-star NHTSA rating.

🔍 Understanding the Distinct Flavors of Muscle Power

The Dodge Charger, a celebrated muscle car, presents these two exciting trims – SXT and RT. Each brings its unique flair to the road. The SXT, known for its efficiency and affordability, is perfect for those who want muscle car vibes without breaking the bank. The RT, on the other hand, is for the power-hungry, offering a more robust engine and additional features.

👀 What to Expect in This Guide:

  • Performance & Handling: Dive into what makes each model zoom.
  • Safety Features: Explore the technologies keeping you safe.
  • Interior & Tech: Check out the comforts and gadgets inside.
  • Exterior Design: Admire the stylish looks of these muscle cars.

🏁 Let’s Begin the Journey

We’re here to help you navigate the differences and find which Dodge Charger – SXT or RT – aligns with your needs and dreams. Ready to explore? Let’s drive into the details!

Feature Category2021 Dodge Charger SXT2021 Dodge Charger RT
Starting Price$31,125$38,125
Engine3.6L V6, 292 HP5.7L V8, 370 HP
Torque260 lb-ft395 lb-ft
DrivetrainRWD (Standard)RWD (Standard)
Fuel Economy (City/Hwy)19/30 MPG16/25 MPG
Transmission8-speed automatic8-speed automatic
Safety Rating5-star NHTSA5-star NHTSA
Interior Display7” Uconnect Display8.4” Uconnect 4C Display with HD Radio
Seating Capacity55
Advanced Safety FeaturesAvailableMore advanced features like Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking
Exterior DesignSleek lights, classic grille designLip spoiler, custom fender and decklid badges, additional color options
Wheel DesignStandard options availableMore premium designs and options
Performance HandlingStandard suspension and braking systemsEnhanced suspension and braking systems
Infotainment & ConnectivityStandard infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android AutoUpgraded infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, premium audio system
Interior FeaturesStandard interior materials, manual climate controlPremium interior materials, automatic climate control, heated seats
Exterior DimensionsLength: 198.4″, Width: 75.0″, Height: 57.8″Length: 198.4″, Width: 75.0″, Height: 57.8″
Color OptionsMultiple standard color optionsExtended range of exclusive color options
Warranty & MaintenanceStandard warranty coverage, optional maintenance packagesStandard warranty coverage, optional maintenance packages with additional features
Customization & PackagesSome customization options and packages availableWide range of customization options and packages available
User ReviewsPositive reviews for fuel efficiency and valuePositive reviews for power and additional features
Dealership Services and OffersStandard dealership services, warranty optionsEnhanced services, special offers, and unique exchange policy at Five Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lenoir City

Performance Differences: 

Engine Power and Performance

  • SXT Engine Specifications: The SXT is equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine, delivering 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. This setup is designed for efficiency while still providing a solid punch.
  • RT Engine Specifications: On the other hand, the RT boasts a more powerful 5.7L V8 engine, ramping up the excitement with 370 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque, making it a beast on the road.
  • Comparison of Horsepower and Torque: The RT clearly takes the lead in raw power, offering a significant boost in both horsepower and torque compared to the SXT. This difference underlines the RT’s focus on performance-oriented drivers.

Acceleration and Speed Capabilities

  • SXT Acceleration and Top Speed: The SXT, with its V6 engine, offers respectable acceleration, taking you from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds, and reaches a top speed of approximately 130 mph. It’s quick and nimble for daily driving.
  • RT Acceleration and Top Speed: The RT, with its V8 engine, shortens the 0 to 60 mph time to around 5 seconds flat, and can hit a top speed of around 155 mph. This model is for those who seek thrills and a more aggressive driving experience.
  • Comparison of Acceleration Times and Maximum Speeds: Comparing both, the RT model’s superior acceleration and higher top speed highlight its performance edge, catering to drivers who prioritize speed and power.

Exterior and Interior Features: 

Exterior Design and Styling

  • SXT Exterior Features: The SXT offers sleek lights and a classic grille design, providing a sophisticated look that’s eye-catching yet understated.
  • RT Exterior Features: The RT steps it up with a lip spoiler, custom fender, and decklid badges, alongside additional color options, giving it a more aggressive and sporty appearance.
  • Comparison of Exterior Design Elements: While both models share the Charger’s iconic silhouette, the RT adds sportier touches that signal its higher performance capabilities.

Interior Amenities and Technology

  • SXT Interior Features: Inside, the SXT is equipped with a 7” Uconnect display, standard interior materials, and manual climate control, offering essential comfort and connectivity.
  • RT Interior Features: The RT enhances the experience with an 8.4” Uconnect 4C display with HD Radio, premium interior materials, automatic climate control, and heated seats, elevating both comfort and tech.
  • Comparison of Interior Amenities and Technology Options: The RT clearly offers a more luxurious and tech-forward interior, with advanced features and superior materials providing a richer in-cabin experience.

Suspension and Handling:

Suspension System Differences

  • SXT Suspension Specifications: The SXT is equipped with a standard suspension system designed for comfort, making it ideal for everyday driving with a smooth ride over most surfaces.
  • RT Suspension Specifications: The RT model upgrades to an enhanced suspension system, optimized for performance. This setup provides tighter handling and improved responsiveness, especially at higher speeds or on winding roads.
  • Comparison of Ride Quality and Handling Capabilities: The RT’s suspension system offers a more engaging driving experience, catering to those who appreciate a sportier ride. In contrast, the SXT focuses on comfort, ensuring a pleasant drive under a variety of conditions.

Braking System Variations

  • SXT Braking System Details: The SXT comes with a capable braking system that provides reliable stopping power for daily use.
  • RT Braking System Details: The RT features a more robust braking system, with larger brakes designed to handle the increased power and speed, offering enhanced stopping performance and safety.
  • Comparison of Braking Performance and Safety Features: The RT’s advanced braking system is better suited to aggressive driving, delivering superior performance and safety. The SXT, while adequate for its power level, prioritizes efficiency.

Price and Value: 

Price Range

  • SXT Models: Starting at $31,125, the SXT offers an accessible entry into the Charger lineup, balancing cost with features.
  • RT Models: With a starting price of $38,125, the RT commands a premium for its additional power and enhanced features.

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