Violence vs Abuse

What is Difference Between Violence and Abuse

Did you know what is the difference between violence and abuse. Mostly these terms use in same meaning but both are different. We going to discuss the definitions, forms, and subcategories of violence and abuse in this post.




Violence means using physical force to hurt, harm, or even kill someone or something. It usually involves aggressive behavior and can be either an isolated incident or a series of actions over time.


Abuse is when one person uses certain actions or words to control, overpower, or gain authority over another person by making them afraid, manipulating them, or using intimidation. It can be different forms such as physical , emotional , mental , sexual, or financial harm. Often, abuse involves a combination of these types or multiple forms at the same time.

Forms and Subcategories


Violence can be classified into several categories:

  1. Physical Violence: Involves intentional acts of physical harm, such as hitting, kicking, choking, or using weapons.
  2. Sexual Violence: Involves non-consensual sexual activities, such as rape, harassment, or coercion.
  3. Emotional Violence: Involves behaviors that cause emotional or psychological harm, such as isolating a person, manipulating their feelings, or controlling their activities.
  4. Community Violence: Involves violence within a specific community or group, such as gang violence, or acts committed against members of a particular ethnicity or religion.
  5. Structural Violence: Refers to systems or policies within institutions that create inequalities and harm marginalized groups.


what is Abuse

Abuse also comes in various forms, including:

  1. Physical Abuse: Involves acts of physical violence as a means of control or punishment.
  2. Sexual Abuse: Involves non-consensual sexual activities used as a form of control or manipulation.
  3. Emotional Abuse: Involves psychological manipulation, humiliation, or threats used to control a person.
  4. Verbal Abuse: Involves the use of harmful or degrading language to demean or belittle a person.
  5. Financial Abuse: Involves controlling a person’s access to money or resources as a means of exerting control.

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Differences and Relationships between Violence and Abuse

Violence vs Abuse

Both terms has some similarities, such as causing harm to others. But they are not the same in many way. Violence use for physical force or aggression, while abuse often involves manipulative and controlling tactics
Abuse can be in different type emotional, verbal, sexual, and financial behaviors to maintain power and control over another person. Violence can take place between individuals, within communities, or due to structural injustices.

Violence and abuse can be interconnected, with abusive relationships often involving different forms of violence. Example, A person who is emotionally abusive may also be physically violent.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between violence and abuse:

DefinitionAn act of aggression that is intended to cause physical harmA pattern of behavior that is used to control or dominate another person
ExamplesHitting, kicking, punching, shoving, using a weaponName-calling, insults, threats, humiliation, controlling behavior, isolation
IntentTo cause physical harmTo control or dominate the other person
EffectsCan cause physical injuries, pain, and deathCan cause emotional distress, psychological damage, and physical harm

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